The Philanthropitch Experience

This year, 20+ innovative nonprofits will take the stage at Philanthropitch in Austin, Columbus and San Antonio. Finalists will pitch their most innovative ideas to a panel of judges and a live audience – but Philanthropitch is more than an opportunity to compete for funding.

The Philanthropitch experience empowers nonprofits to think like startups. The nonprofits attend workshops and develop a pitch with the support of successful entrepreneurs. Philanthropitch is enable nonprofits to scale their impact using the innovative ideas from the business world.


What Happens Before the Stage

The Philanthropitch experience starts before nonprofit teams click submit on their applications. We offer Q&A sessions with Dan and Lisa Graham, Founders of Notley Ventures, where nonprofits can learn about the process.

To apply for Philanthropitch, teams provide information about their nonprofit, mission, and approach to creating a sustainable and scalable impact. These questions challenge nonprofits to think critically about how they approach growth. The Philanthropitch team reviews applications to identify nonprofits that are already making a difference and are ready to scale.


 Lean Nonprofit Workshop

Nonprofits who are not selected as finalists are invited to the Lean Nonprofit Workshop in their city. This hands-on workshop is designed for organizations that are new to developing an earned revenue model.

At this workshop, teams learn how to build an earned revenue model and understand their unit economics. These skills are essential for building and testing a new idea.

Pitch Workshop

Pitching on stage is at the heart of the Philanthropitch experience – but it is not easy to explain how you will change the world in just three minutes!  

One month before Philanthropitch, we invite Finalists to a Pitch Workshop in their city. The Notley team teaches changemakers how to present their ideas in the most compelling way.

At the workshop, finalists learn the essentials of a great pitch. Our team works with each finalist to create an outline and talk through their story.  Finalist have just three minutes on stage - so it’s essential for nonprofits to think through what they want the audience to remember.

Before the workshop is over, finalists discover what is important to judges – and what can happen when judges believe in their idea! Between the Pitch Workshop and Philanthropitch, finalists refine and practice their pitches. 

Don’t Miss the Social Impact Event of the Year

Philanthropitch San Antonio: February 19, 2019

Philanthropitch Columbus: March 4, 2019

Philanthropitch Austin: May 7, 2019

At each of these events, tickets start at just $25.
When you attend Philanthropitch, your ticket becomes a donation to the nonprofit your choice.

Christine Fahey