How do I know if my nonprofit is a fit for Philanthropitch?

Philanthropitch is looking for innovative solutions, particularly those with scalable impact and financially sustainable models. If you’re not sure whether your project is a candidate for Philanthropitch, we’d still encourage you to go ahead and apply. We’d love to see how we might be able to help and, no matter what, you’ll gain resources and information designed to help guide your next steps.

Is Philanthropitch only for relatively new nonprofits?

Not at all. Philanthropitch has provided risk capital to help nonprofits like Goodwill, Easter Seals and Habitat for Humanity explore innovative new programs.

How much time will I have to present my pitch?

You’ll have three minutes to pitch followed by three minutes of questions from the judges.

Philanthropitch doesn’t award a standard set of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. Instead, each judge donates their own money and decides how it should be distributed among the finalists. Presenters might receive additional cash awards from corporate donors and our audience awards. The total awards pool for our last event was over $200,000.

What do the winners receive?