Together for Impact

Philanthropitch San Antonio Raises over $100k for the city’s most innovative nonprofits

On February 19, the San Antonio community came together to celebrate and support local nonprofits at Philanthropitch! Seven outstanding finalists and a panel of distinguished judges took the stage at the Tobin Center. Hundreds of enthusiastic guests filled the seats to watch the pitches. Together with our corporate partners, we gave over $100,000 to San Antonio’s most innovative nonprofits!

The evening began with a VIP reception where judges and finalists mingled with guests. When the finalists took the stage, they each had three minutes to pitch followed by three minutes of Q&A with the judges. After an intermission where audience members, corporate supporters and judges selected their favorite nonprofits, it was time for the award ceremony.



“35 Million tons of trash end up in Texas landfills every single year. That’s 7 pounds, per person, per day. We have a waste problem Texas, and it is not sustainable.”

–Chris Moken, Founder of Re-Mat

Texans dispose of 2.9 million bulky mattresses every year. Today these mattresses go to the landfill, but recycling is a more sustainable option. Re-Mat is a nonprofit building San Antonio’s first facility for mattress recycling.  Founder Chris Moken is raising funds to recycle the first 20,000 mattresses in San Antonio. After this, the organization will generate enough revenue to grow sustainably!

Re-Mat received $12,000 from judges, for a total donation of $13,294.

Autism Community Network


“At four years old, the most critical window of brain development closes, but the average age for autism diagnoses is four and a half.”

– Carrie Alvarado, Autism Community Network

The Autism Community Network is launching the Earliest Connections Clinic to make early diagnosis and therapy accessible to families in San Antonio. The organization is developing training that will enable pediatricians and nurse practitioners to recognize the signs of Autism before age two.

Autism Community Network received the most votes in the Audience Choice Award. The organization took home a total of $19,864, including $5,000 from DOCUmation.

The Basketball Embassy


“It’s so important to bring youth together through basketball. They change each other’s view of the world for the better.”

–Chris Dial, Founder of The Basketball Embassy

The Basketball Embassy puts on Assembly, a week-long basketball camp and cultural exchange. Last year, the organization brought together kids and coaches representing 12 countries, 3 continents, and over 15 languages. The organization was raising money to scale their camp locations and reach 2,000 kids per year.

The Basketball Embassy took home a total of $14,124, including $5,000 from Argo Group.



“The majority of entrepreneurs of color, women owned businesses, veterans and

startups face the challenge of accessing capital.”

–Celina Pena, LiftFund

Since 1994, LiftFund has lended $300 million to 20,000 entrepreneurs. At Philanthropitch, LiftFund focused on raising capital for a proof of concept of the Dream Makers Fund. This revolving loan fund would enable the organization to serve more early stage companies in San Antonio.

LiftFund received a total donation of $11,474.



“One in four children in San Antonio are food-insecure. They wake up with no food in the pantry, and no idea where their next meal will come from.”

–Jen Andrews, Mealshare San Antonio

Mealshare is a nonprofit that answers a simple question: what if we could turn that dining out into helping out? The organization makes it easy for restaurants to enable diners to choose a meal that gives a meal to a child in need. Since 2013, Mealshare has provided 2.5 million meals to kids in Canada. At Philanthropitch, Mealshare pitched for funds to expand their operation to San Antonio.

Mealshare received a total donation of $5,893.

Yes! Our Kids Can


“We disrupt generational poverty by creating a success mindset in all families.”

–John Andrade, President of Yes! Our Kids Can

Yes! Our Kids Can is an educational app designed to encourage children and their parents, especially those living in poverty and other at-risk situations, to stay in school, work hard and make good grades. At Philanthropitch, the organization was raising funds to create content for more grade levels and expand their program across Texas.

Yes! Our Kids Can received $15,000 from Valero and $5,000 from Hulu, and walked away with a total of $22,990.

Start-up Kids Club


“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize, while our kids are learning how to pass tests, they’re somehow passing the crucial skills needed to succeed beyond the classroom.”

– Amber Wakem, Start-up Kids Club

Start-up Kids Club uses entrepreneurship to teach kids skills they cannot learn in a classroom, unlocking each child’s potential. The organization offers an innovative, hands-on curriculum for schools, libraries and community centers.  At Philanthropitch, Start-up Kids Club was asking for capital to expand their program from Austin to San Antonio.

Start-up Kids Club received $5,000 from Google Fiber, contributing to a total donation of $13,607.

Celebrating 1 Million in Lifetime Impact

With the support of the Austin and San Antonio communities, we have also passed a historic milestone for Philanthropitch. We have officially given over $1 million dollars to innovative nonprofit organizations. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make Philanthropitch a success!

The judges at Philanthropitch San Antonio 2019 included Corinna Holt Richter, Ryan Garner, Janet Holliday, David Robinson, Jenna Saucedo-Herrera and Kate Rogers.

Philanthropitch San Antonio was presented by the Bank of San Antonio and hosted at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts. Philanthropitch was also sponsored by Argo Group, CPS Energy, Google Fiber, DOCUmation, Holt Cat, Hulu, The Nonprofit Council, SA2020, Spurs Sports and Entertainment, The Tobin Endowment, Valero and Whataburger.

Christine Fahey